On Wednesday, our office began calling you with specific information.  Thank you to those of you that promptly responded.  We need you to check in and let us know if you are evacuating or leaving.  Before the hurricane, please call the office at 727 216-6971 or email us (office@collmanproperties.com) your emergency contact #'s; this is very important. 

Our office is closing at noon on Friday.  We will monitor the after hours line (727 906-6042), ad lines(727 733-RENT(7368), and the email as long as there is electricity.  

You will be on your own during the storm and a day or so after, as we cannot promise that repair persons will be available or even able to drive around.  Please use 911 dispatch for emergencies and know your electric and water utility numbers.

Report in by email (office@collmanproperties.com) after the storm if you can.  We may or may not be able to retrieve voicemails, but at least the emails will still be something we can access later on.  

Hurricane Dorian:  Wed. 2/28/19 The Governor declared a state of emergency for Florida today.  Be prepared for heavy rains and winds late Sunday 9/1 -Monday 9/2. Tenants in flood zones A & B should be especially careful during high tides.  We will be calling those of you in zones A & B to make you aware that you could be evacuated this weekend if the hurricane stays on it's current track to pass through central Florida from the east.  We do not expect this to be like Irma, but still keep watching the news reports.  Our phone lines will be monitored over the weekend if you have any questions or issues.  Please see helpful information and links in the Irma section at the bottom of this page.


Collman Properties, Inc.

Property Owners:

We will do our best to reach out to you before the Hurricane arrives to remind you have your insurance payments current and claim information ready for after the storm.  If we know what your tenant's plans are at the time of our call, we will tell you.  Do not expect the tenants to board up your property.  Most of the stores ran out of plywood yesterday anyway.

Our office will do our best to assist you with insurance after the storm, but please understand that communications may be a challenge, and it is highly unlikely that myself or any repair persons will be able or allowed to drive by damaged areas.

 We realize that those of you that live out of state or country may be very worried about your property after the storm.  Please do not leave multiple voicemails, as our cell phones  can only hold 35 at a time and we may not be able to clear them.  I will be working from home once the storm arrives and we have a generator, but it is possible that phone and internet services will be down for days after, which means we will not be able to communicate.   This may be a long journey with insurance claims.  Take a deep breath and remember what is really important. 

Pet friendly shelters in Pinellas Co. (You must register ahead if you are bringing a pet, there is a limit)

-John Hopkins Middle School

-Oak Grove Middle School

-Dunedin Middle School

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Old Alerts:

Hurricane Michael:  Pinellas/Pasco is on a Coastal storm surge Watch.  Be prepared for a  2 - 4 ft storm surge Tuesday and Wednesday(10/9-10/10)  Tenants in flood zones A & B should be especially careful during high tides.  We called or left voicemails to all of our tenants in zone A this morning. 

Update 10/8/18 3pm:  Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall in  the Florida Panhandle by early Wednesday morning as a category 3.   Michael will pass the Tampa Bay area Tuesday afternoon.   Storm surge and higher than normal tides may begin in the next 24 hrs.  Our 727 733-RENT(7368) phone line will be monitored 24/7 until the storm passes our area.  ​​

Old Alerts Irma:

Last updated: 09/13/17 4:00pm

Well, we were very lucky!   Our office is now open by appointment.  Communications for the past few days were extremely frustrating.  Cell service was intermittent and sending texts sometimes took an hour. Of course, landlines are no longer really landlines and require electricity.  Smart phones are only as good as the signal.  Many gas stations were shut down by the Friday before and most remain closed.

For those of you that left town or property owners that live out of town, we were under curfew until 3 pm Monday and cell phones were barely getting signals (that is T-Mobil and Verizon were bad).  Nearly all traffic signals and street lights were off Monday.  There were many downed power lines and many trees uprooted.  80% of Pinellas Co lost power for 2 days, about half are still without.  Most of West Pasco Co is still without power, which means no traffic signals. Duke Energy promises to have all power restored by Friday for this area.  Tampa utilities seem to be working. One good thing was that we could actually see the stars again---the sky was absolutely beautiful here Monday night.  As second good thing is now I know all my neighbors. 

We are only able to check on the properties close to the office for now because so many traffic signals are still off and there is a gasoline issue.  With that said, we really need all tenants that can email or can call to do so.  So far, we have only heard from eight tenants.

On a personal note, for those of you that have been asking, my house is fine.  We are at high elevation, cement block home, hurricane windows, and boarded up.  Just lost some tree branches and a few fence panels.  My brother's apartment in Largo lost the entire roof possibly to a small tornado; His place was uninhabitable, but he was someplace safe.  A relative in Jacksonville lost his entire home unfortunately.  Another relative in Ft. Myers had a very scary night with the windows buckling, but is ok too.  Again, we were very lucky.  

​​Hurricane Irma  updates

Please begin planning early.  This is a very large and strong storm.  Find all your emergency papers now.  Keep your car full of gas.  Stock up on fresh water.   Our office will be closed during the storm, but we will monitor phones if possible.  For safety reasons handymen and other repair persons will not be available during or immediately after the storm.  You will need to call 911 dispatch and the utility directly for help.  

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