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Please begin planning early.  Find all your emergency papers now.  Keep your car full of gas. Stock up on fresh water.   Our office will be closed during the storm, but we will monitor phones if possible.  For safety reasons handymen and other repair persons will not be available during or immediately after the storm.  You will need to call 911 dispatch and the utility directly for help.  

Bay News 9                               FloridaDisaster.org/shelters/   

National Hurricane Center         Ready.gov/hurricanes

Pinellas  shelter Info      Pinellas evacuation map (PDF file)


Pasco Emergency Management     Pasco Shelter locations


Hillsborough shelter Info             Hillsborough flood Map

If you have pets:

If you're evacuating with pets, you can find a list of pet friendly shelters on the Pinellas County Emergency Preparedness site. You must register ahead if you're bringing a pet to an evacuation shelter, and there are limits.  

Residents who are evacuating with their pets should remember to bring these suggested supplies:

Proper identification                    Immunization records
County license rabies tag           Food and water (2 wks. supply)
A carrier or portable kennel        Medications
Muzzle, collar, and leash            Manual can opener
Current photo of pet                   Feeding and water bowls
Favorite toys and blanket           Cat litter/pan and scoop
Grooming items                          Plastic bags to handle waste

Property Owners:

We will do our best to reach out to you before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm arrives to remind you have your insurance payments current and claim information ready for after the storm.  If we know what your tenant's plans are at the time of our call, we will tell you.  Do not expect the tenants to board up your property.  

Our office will do our best to assist you with insurance after the storm, but please understand that communications may be a challenge, and it is highly unlikely that myself or any repair persons will be able or allowed to drive by damaged areas.

We realize that those of you that live out of state or country may be very worried about your property after the storm. Please do not leave multiple voicemails, as our cell phones can only hold so many at a time and we may not be able to clear them.  We will be working from home once the storm arrives and we have a generator, but it is possible that phone and internet services will be down for days after, which means we will not be able to communicate.  This may be a long journey with insurance claims.  Take a deep breath and remember what is really important. 


We'll be reaching out to Tenants in properties likely to be affected due to the projected strength and direction of the storm.  Please call the office if you'll be evacuating or leaving the area (727-216-6971), and leave your emergency contact phone numbers.  This is very important. 

Our office will be closing Tuesday midday, and will remain closed through the storm.  We'll be monitoring the after hours phone (727-733-7368) and email for any major property management issues, as long as we have electricity and access to the internet (and the phones are working).  Please call 911 for all emergencies, and know your electric and water utility numbers.

You'll be on your own during the storm and possibly for a day (or more) after it passes, and we cannot promise that repair persons will be available, or able to drive around depending on the impact of the storm and its aftermath.

Report in by email (office@collmanproperties.com) after the storm if you can't reach us by phone.  We may or may not be able to retrieve voicemails, but at least the emails will still be something we can access later on.  

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Weather Alert - Wednesday August 30, 2023 at 10:00 am: 

The center of Hurricane Idalia has moved past the Tampa Bay area, but it is still affecting things locally.  Most if not all bridges to the barrier islands, as well as the causeways, are closed at this point in time.  If you are in Zone A and haven't yet evacuated, please do so now if it's safe for you to leave.  The next high tides will arrive around mid-day depending on your location, and will bring additional flooding to low lying areas.  DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH STANDING WATER!   Mandatory evacuations were issued Monday for Zone A and residents living in Zone A should have already evacuated!  A list of emergency shelters can be found here if you need a place to go.   

For the latest information, you can check with the National Hurricane Center (nhc.noaa.gov), Baynews9, or your local TV stations during and after the storm. You can also use the Florida Storms website (or app) at https://floridastorms.org/. 

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911! 

** Our office closed on Tuesday and will reopen after the storm passes. **  We will be monitoring the After Hours Emergency phone (727-733-7368) and email while we have power and internet access. 
Power outages should be expected throughout the area.  Please be very careful if you have to be out on the roads, as there may be debris, downed power lines, traffic signals may not be working, etc.  Please keep yourself and your family safe, especially if you live near the water or in lower lying areasDo not drive your vehicle into areas of standing water or over downed power lines.  NEVER use candles or open flames in your unit for lighting, or for any other reason! 

If you're experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911! 

If your property was damaged during the storm, please call 727-216-6971 or 727-733-7368 to let us know.  Please be patient as we may also be without power, not be able to travel on the roads, etc.  We'll respond to damage/repair calls as quickly as we can.  Please be patient as there may be other Tenants with more severe property damage. 

​Get weather updates from
Bay News 9.         Get tropical storm updates from the National Hurricane Center.​​