​Weather Alert - August 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm: 

We are monitoring the weather due to a possible impact from Tropical Depression/Storm Fred which is currently forecast to pass by the Tampa Bay area this coming weekend.  At this time, the storm is not expected to strengthen into a hurricane, but things can quickly change.  Please keep an eye on the weather and check the forecasts on a regular basis until the storm has passed.  You can monitor the progress of the storm on the National Hurricane Center's website (nhc.noaa.gov) or Spectrum Bay News 9's website (baynews9.com).  We will periodically update this page as appropriate, as circumstances change.  

Please make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe, especially if you live near the water or in lower lying areas.  You can find your evacuation zone listed on the website of the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office (www.pcpao.org), in the "Evacuation Zone" field. Do not drive your vehicle into areas of standing (or running) water.  Please be sure that you're prepared in case we are affected by the storm, including having adequate supplies of non-perishable food, drinking water, and any necessary medications, as well as batteries and a battery powered radio in case the power goes out.  Make sure you keep your phones and tablets charged and have a battery backup available in case the power is out for an extended period of time.   Please DO NOT EVER use candles or open flames for lighting!  

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911!  If your property is damaged during the storm, please call us at 727-216-6971 to let us know.  If you are unable to reach us at the office and you are experiencing a property management emergency (active roof leak, broken windows, etc.), we'll be monitoring the after hours line at 727-733-7368 throughout the storm.  We and our repair people live in the area and will also be affected by this storm, so please be patient as we may also be without power, not be able to get to the office, etc.  Once the storm has passed, we can begin to address any storm-related repairs which may be necessary.  Please be patient as there may be other Tenants with more severe property damage. 

Please stay safe and stay alert.   

​Mark and Jill  

Click here for weather updates from Spectrum Bay News 9.

Click here for weather updates from the National Hurricane Center.​​

Property Owners:

We will do our best to reach out to you before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm arrives to remind you have your insurance payments current and claim information ready for after the storm.  If we know what your tenant's plans are at the time of our call, we will tell you.  Do not expect the tenants to board up your property.  

Our office will do our best to assist you with insurance after the storm, but please understand that communications may be a challenge, and it is highly unlikely that myself or any repair persons will be able or allowed to drive by damaged areas.

We realize that those of you that live out of state or country may be very worried about your property after the storm. Please do not leave multiple voicemails, as our cell phones can only hold so many at a time and we may not be able to clear them.  We will be working from home once the storm arrives and we have a generator, but it is possible that phone and internet services will be down for days after, which means we will not be able to communicate.  This may be a long journey with insurance claims.  Take a deep breath and remember what is really important. 

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We will be reaching out to our Tenants who are in properties which are likely to be affected by Tropical Storm Fred if this becomes necessary due to the projected strength of the storm.  Please let us know if you will be evacuating or leaving the area by calling the office at 727-216-6971 (or you can email us - office@collmanproperties.com) and leave us your emergency contact phone numbers.  This is very important. 

Our office will be closed Saturday afternoon and on Sunday, but we will be monitoring the after hours phone (727-733-7368) and email, as long as there is electricity.  

You will be on your own during the storm and possibly for a day or so after, as we cannot promise that repair persons will be available or even be able to drive around depending on the impact of the storm. Please call 911 for all emergencies and know your electric and water utility numbers.

Report in by email (office@collmanproperties.com) after the storm if you can.  We may or may not be able to retrieve voicemails, but at least the emails will still be something we can access later on.  

Pet friendly shelters in Pinellas County. You must register ahead if you are bringing a pet, there is a limit.  Please call to ensure current availability and to get information on any restrictions.

-John Hopkins Middle School

-Oak Grove Middle School

-Dunedin Middle School

​​Important Links:

Please begin planning early.  Find all your emergency papers now.  Keep your car full of gas. Stock up on fresh water.   Our office will be closed during the storm, but we will monitor phones if possible.  For safety reasons handymen and other repair persons will not be available during or immediately after the storm.  You will need to call 911 dispatch and the utility directly for help.  

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