Lic. Florida Broker Specializing in Property Management for The Tampa Bay Area

Central Pinellas Realty

( a DBA of Collman Properties, Inc. )

There are many styles of property management.  The property manager you pick should meet your needs and expectations.  If we are not for you, we are happy to refer you to another licensed and insured property manager.  

What we are looking for, and our expectations of our Landlords:

-Properties are located in Pinellas County. Preferably houses, duplexes, townhomes, or condos with rents of at least $1,500/mo.  We can also manage commercial properties-please call us for more information.  

-1 year or longer contract to manage the property, or one-time tenant finding.

-1-2 year lease agreements for tenants.  Renewals or extension leases may be shorter.

-Must own the property or have power of attorney for the property owner; No subletting or third party owners, or any psuedo-type of ownership or lease purchase scams.

-You must at least have liability insurance coverage on the property even if you choose not to insure for property damage.

-You must be financially stable with enough savings to cover a mortgage payment if an unexpected vacancy or large repair occurs.  

-You allow us to make reasonable repairs quickly.  We can work with frugal budgets, but your financial hardships are not an excuse to delay or refuse a repair.  

-You will honor the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the property and not try to list the property for sale before the last 60 days of a lease.

-You should have a business-like or easy going personalty.

-You will allow us to do our job and not micromanage decisions or tenant selection. Not over-communicate with our office to the point that it is to the detriment of serving our other property owners.  Nor make last minute, time-consuming personal requests that derail the scheduled tasks of the office staff. 

-You will always communicate and treat our staff, tenants, and repair persons respectfully and with good manners.  We prefer that you do not communicate when under the influence of alcohol or heavy medication etc.  

-Never harass or try to intimidate the staff to receive your monthly check early. Checks usually go out between the 22nd-25th, unless yours is on hold waiting for a large repair estimate. Again, you agreed above to have savings to cover a mortgage payment.

-Texting is never to be used for written notice, nor is texting to be used to vent on, harass, or intimidate staff. 

-We should not even have to say this, but never ask us to break Federal Fair Housing Laws, Florida Statutes, or do anything harmful or unethical to a tenant, or ask us to assist you in violating the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the property.  Yes, this happens more than it should.

If you have survived this list, please call us for a free 15 min phone or office interview.  We are confidant that we can rent your unit with in $100 of rental market value, no matter what it is (as long as it's up to code.)  After we are hired, we are happy to walk the property with you and give suggestions to increase the rent value. We do not visit properties to give an opinion of rent value unless hired, or given a deposit.  Selecting your property manager based on the highest rent promise rarely serves your cash flow. Interview with us, and we will explain why.

With that said, I guess I am living up to my reputation for "telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear."