Property Management Services

Dear Property Owner,

We would like the opportunity to talk with you about our property management services in your neighborhood.  Let us help you fill a vacancy or relieve you of the stress of managing tenants on your own. 

Central Pinellas Realty is a small property management company that can give you and the tenants the personal touch. You are not going to fall through the cracks.  A licensed manager will personally show every property in person.  We NEVER use lock boxes for showing properties to prospective tenants-this practice opens your property up to extra damage, rent scams, and lawsuits.  A manager will pre-screen and accompany all prospects for the showing, and will make sure that your property is locked back up afterwards. 

Our focus is on property management and not on getting a sales listing commission from you.  You are never obligated to use us to sell your property.  Our staff includes two dedicated property managers.  We are personally involved in the rental of each property.   We only get paid when you get paid so we are motivated to keep your unit rented with reliable tenants.  You will find that our commission rates are very fair and we don’t nickel and dime you with unexpected fees or hidden charges.  If a tenant we find and manage breaks the lease early in the first year, we find a replacement tenant for free.

We increase your cash flow and basically pay for ourselves.  Your rental unit will be shown to future tenants before the current tenants leave.  This very act alone can typically save you 1-2 months of lost rent.   Even better, unlike most of our local competition, we get no percentage or kickback on your repairs…. ever. 

Unlike other management companies, you will NOT be required to use a portal to get your statement.  We are happy to email, fax, and mail statements/repair invoices to you.  Your monthly check can be directly deposited into your Florida bank account, or we can mail it, or you can personally stop by our office to pick it up.  Also, we do NOT require tenants to pay rent by using a portal, which we find runs off many good prospective tenants with all of the added fees, check kickbacks, and tech issues.  We've learned the hard way that old fashioned management works best for a small company, and have returned to our old methods.  

Our services are flexible: you may choose who you use for repair services, as long as they are insured and licensed when required.  You can co-manage repairs or we can handle everything.   

Jill Collman,  Lic Real Estate Broker of record

Mark Sorokurs,  Lic Real Estate Broker Associate

Services we offer:

* Showing properties, internet advertising, screening tenants, and leasing

* Rent collection

* Coordination of repairs (we take the late night calls, not you) and we can pay the repair invoices for you out of your rent proceeds.

* We can coordinate pest control, yard care, insurance inspections, etc.

* Liaison between you, your HOA/Condo association and the tenants. 

* Periodic inspections

* File evictions when necessary, with discounted attorney fees

* End of year profit and loss statements with IRS 1099 for your accountant

* Hold security deposits in non-interest escrow account per Florida Statutes

* Damage and past due rent collection and credit reporting after move out

We manage a wide variety of residential rentals throughout the Bay area, and specialize in renting three and four bedroom houses.  In fact, we typically have no vacant 3BR/2BA houses at this time of year and have to start a waiting list with potential tenants.  The only vacancies we have right now are due to new Owners signing up with us.  Our vacancy rate for houses averages under 3% throughout the year, even with low to no advertising costs.

We are also able to help you with managing your commercial properties.  If you own retail centers or office buildings or other commercial properties, we can provide leasing and property management services for those properties as well. 

Please call Central Pinellas Realty at 727-216-6971 for more information about our property management services. 

Landlords: Are​ we a match?

Attention:  We now offer a new service for our year contract clients. We've added damage and past due rent collection and credit reporting through a professional collection service.  This offers a new way to collect money due that exceeds the security deposit without going to court.  

Lic. Florida Broker Specializing in Property Management for The Tampa Bay Area

Central Pinellas Realty

( a DBA of Collman Properties, Inc. )

​​Testimonials - please also check out our online Google reviews for more current information!     (Keep scrolling down - the list below is pretty long.)

Letter 17
June 7, 2021
“The sale of my houses in CW has gone through and with this, soon ends our business relationship.  Eight years! That really is a long time. Over the past several years you have given us great service and we appreciate this very dearly!  Thank you again for your services and friendship.   All the best, D.L.”

Letter 16
July 26, 2019
"I was not happy with my previous property manager. I am so happy to be working with Jill and Mark at Collman Properties Inc.  The process is so smooth, as I don't need to stress out about anything. I would recommend them to anyone as they have given me peace of mind, going the extra mile for me, thank you so much"

Owner M.K.

Letter 15
July 7, 2018
Since Jill took over managing our 12 unit complex in Clearwater last June 2017, she has done a Fantastic job of filling our units with quality tenants. She always keeps us informed on what is going on with rents, repairs and future lease extensions. 

Our former property manager was a real piece of work... charging outrageous fees just for credit applications.  We had a 45% occupancy rate.  Now, with Jill we are at 100% after just 4 months and have a wait list.  We think the world of her and the staff at Collman Properties.      Sincerely, Clay and Bob, C&H

Letter 14
Sept 27, 2016
I have been an investor for nearly 10 yrs and have been using Collman Properties for over a year to manage my large portfolio of multiple rentals.  Previously, I was so frustrated with previous managers, that I was about to sell everything and get out.  Until, I was referred to Jill and she convinced me to keep my properties under their management instead.  Now, my properties are profitable again.  I am happy to talk to other property owner's about my experience.  Sincerely, W.S.

Letter 13
Sept 9, 2016
I lived in a townhouse in Clearwater that was managed by Collman Properties for 4 years.  I was happy with my experience.  I left the the rental clean and got my full deposit back the next week.   L.O

Letter 12
March 2016
We rented a 3 bedroom house from Collman Properties for 3 years.  They were very responsive to our repair requests.  As promised, we left the house on time and clean, and had no problem getting our full security deposit back.               Sincerely, J. Deliz 

Letter 11
Jan. 8, 2016
Hi my name is Sam from Australia and for the last three years Collman properties has been doing a great job with the management of my properties. They have been prompt in their dealings with me and very honest and fully recommend them to everyone.

Letter 10
May 1, 2015
In 2013 my employer transferred me and my son to the area from Indianapolis.  Collman Properties found us a very nice townhouse and a great location close to my job.  It was a very smooth transition into my new place.  Property management  was very easy to work with.  Unfortunately, my job has moved  us again.  I would have stayed another year if I could, and I will certainly call Collman Properties again if we return to the area.      Sincerely,  F. Malloy”

Letter 9
April 21, 2015
“Dear Jill,
We want to express our gratitude to you for working with us the last 3 years we spent in Florida.  Any problem we had was taken care of in a timely matter.  The house was perfect for us to stay in and had room for our family to come visit.
Thank you Jean and Rob Herrick ”
Letter 8
May 28, 2014
“Dear Jill,
My wife and I want to thank you for all your help in finding us our rental property.  Coming down from New Jersey and not knowing the area or the market, it was very fortunate for us to meet someone like you with the Property Management and Rental experience.  Your knowledge of the Florida market and your attention to detail was and is greatly appreciated….Everything went smoothly even though we were absent part of the time.  You exude a silent message of confidence toward your clients….by your forthright nature in which you conduct yourself and your office that’s dictated by honesty.

Very professional,  we will definitely recommend you and your Property Management Services to our friends, family and our new neighbors.  Again, Thank you
Sincerely, J F Hagner”

 Letter 7
April 2014
My wife and I had that absolute pleasure to rent a property through Jill. We were pregnant with our beautiful daughter and in dire need of some additional space. Jill had the perfect townhouse for us that was within walking distance of my employer. We had just the right amount of space for our growing family in a nice quiet community. Her professionalism and great attitude made the entire rental experience absolutely great and if I did not have to move for a new job there is no question we would still be happy tenants with Jill.          Morgan G.

Letter 6
Nov 7, 2013
Clyde Lewis, Largo, Fl.
To: Collman Properties

Prior to hiring Jill and Ellen with Collman Properties to manage my rental property in South St Petersburg, I had experienced great difficulty keeping the property rented.  I had encountered gross negligence and multiple events of tenants abusing the property.  I had recurring vacancies that resulted in the bank foreclosing on the property for lack of income.  Dealing with tenants in South St Pete can be challenging and requires a landlord with exceptional management skills.  I learned the hard way after the property was trashed after several times, that it was evident I did not have those skills.

So, I decided that professional management could restore stability to the property and made the decision to allow Collman Properties to manage the property for me.

The decision has proved to be a very good one resulting in minimal vacancy to none since hiring them.  I have found them to be very proficient when dealing with managing the tenants and the property itself.  They screen the prospective tenants for me to ensure they will be able to pay the rent as well as collect the rent for me.  They also make scheduled visits to the premises to ensure the tenant is maintain the property in a satisfactory manner.

In summery  all I have to do is pay them a small monthly management fee (which they earn every penny of it!) and stop by and collect my check!

I can testify to anyone with a “property that is challenged” Jill and Ellen are the ones to make your problem go away!  I am very pleased with Collman Properties managing my property.  A huge shout out and thanks to Jill and Ellen for doing an outstanding job!
Clyde Lewis  (current client since winter 2011)

Letter 5
Sept 10, 2013
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dear Jill,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Of all the property management companies I have used over the past 35 years, Jill was the best! Her effort means increased cash flow , that’s what she does for you!”

Stephan Waldoch   Owner, Waldoch Builders, Inc. and Construction Consultant
(Past client from Leon Co, Fl. We managed over 20 single family homes for him.)

Letter 4

July 2013
“I have been very pleased with the Management services provided by Collman Properties.  As an Owner I have been very impressed with their attention to detail, quick response times, and the way they effectively screen prospective tenants to ensure that my interests are protected.  They were able to find a good long-term tenant, even when the vacancy needed to be filled during the “off-season”.  They were able to provide qualified service people to address tenant service requests, whether it’s converting a “distressed property” into a filled rental (within three weeks!) or getting someone out to quickly address an electrical issue (preventing potential damage to the property).  I highly recommend Collman Properties to any Owner who is looking for quality Property Management. ”               Best Regards. Mark      (Client since 2011 from Clearwater. Fl. Same tenants renewed a 2nd year)

Letter 3
November, 2012
“My wife and I give our highest recommendation to Collman Properties.  I am a retired Realtor and managed my own properties in Tallahassee for years until a health problem caused me to retire early.  We hired Jill to manage several dozen of our rentals and Jill managed them for over five years until the company moved to the Tampa area.

What impressed me the most was that Jill had the “what ever it takes mentality.” Collman Properties had my rentals filled with new tenants in advance of the current tenants moving out-very rarely was there more than a week of vacancy between tenants.  Collman Properties paid for themselves by keeping my vacancy down to almost zero.  I know from first hand experience, how organized you have to be to keep properties filled year round, especially around the student calendar in a “College town” like Tallahassee.

Admittedly, I am very demanding about maintaining the condition of my rentals and preventing more expensive problems.   I made it very clear to her that we were not interested in being “slum lords.”  Per my request, Jill arranged a lot of preventative maintenance and stayed on top of the curb appeal of my rentals. This also prevented the hassle of city code violations and fines.

A notable strength of Jill’s is the ability to prioritize repairs.  I found her very knowledgeable in general about maintenance and did not worry that my precious cash flow would be wasted.  She would trouble shoot with the tenants for an easy solution before dispatching a repair call.  We had a 4 unit apartment flood several inches deep on Christmas Day one year.  Jill instructed the tenant to cut the main water off and had an extractor and handyman there with-in an hour.  The carpet had to be pulled out in one unit, but the walls were dried in time and saved.  Another year, a tenant started a fire in one of our houses.  Jill was there on the scene immediately and dealt with our insurance agent and the restoration company.   The house was rented out again a couple months later.  My insurance company covered the damage and lost rent.  I never had to leave my couch. She never charged me for her extra time and work.

By our 2nd year with Collman Properties, I was fully confidant and stopped co-managing, and just enjoyed getting my big check each month.  I will never manage my own properties again.  Happy to talk further on the phone with anyone considering hiring Collman Properties.”
(Past Client from 2006-2011, Leon County, Fl     Managed 38  single family homes, duplexes, and small apartment complex for them, and sold 4 too)

Letter 2
April, 2013
” I would like to recommend Ellen Petracco with Collman Properties.  As a licensed Realtor, where I handle listings and sales of properties only, I find great comfort knowing I have a great Property Management Company to refer clients to.  I have referred Ellen several homeowners who had homes that they needed to rent, and Ellen successfully found tenants.   I have also referred Ellen clients who are looking for a home to rent and she has found homes that suit their needs as well.

The clients I have referred to Collman Properties are very pleased as they are professional and handle all aspects of the leasing process.  It is so nice to have a peace of mind when you are leasing our your property.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Melody Hunter, MBA     Lic Realtor, Lic Property Appraiser, (727) 420-3234.”

Letter 1
May , 2013
Daniel Ruffner, Largo, Fl

Re: Jill Collman, Ellen Petracco, Collman Properties

“I would like to provide my highest recommendation and praise to Collman Properties.  I truly don’t know what my wife and I would have done without Jill and Ellen.  In July of 2011, my wife and I purchased a new home.  It was just what we were looking for.  So we made the decision to purchase it, prior to selling our current home.

For the next twelve months, we attempted to find a buyer.  During that time, we were struggling to make two sets of mortgage payments, utility bills, and lawn service bills.  We considered selling the property of a loss and asking the bank to accept a short sale.  I knew that this would have a negative effect on our credit, but as our savings accounts began to dwindle, we felt that there was not other option.

Then came Collman Properties to our rescue.  Jill and Ellen evaluated our home and determined that we should be able to rent the property for $1000 per month.  Not only was this more than the monthly mortgage payment on the property, but I would also eliminate the need to pay for the utilities and lawn service on our former property.  We signed the property management contract with Collman properties.  Less than one week later, they found the perfect tenant.  A sweet elderly couple, who absolutely love the home.  Now we have over $1200 more per month in our budget, and Jill and Ellen take care of collection the rent and any other needs that the tenant my have.

Best of all, my wife and I have the peace of mind of knowing that our former home is being maintained with same level of care and dedication by Collman Properties that we had always given to it.          Sincerely, Daniel Ruffner          (Current Client since 2012  from Largo, Fl.   Same tenants renewed a 2nd year until the house was sold)

Posting a few letters at a time.  Call us at the office and we will be happy to refer you to current landlord clients.